Monday, September 10, 2007

Mom Takes Dictation

I have a confession to make... I'm not actually writing this blog entry. My mom is. I'm dictating to her while I polish silverware. "Why am I polishing silver?" you ask. Because we are having Rosh Hashana dinner on Wednesday. (That's the Jewish New Year)
My mom can be really really annoying sometimes. As I am polishing this silver I am thinking what can I be doing that's better right now? The answer: everything. Mom's answer: nothing.
Rosh Hashana is great because you get to eat really really good food, have fun with your family, eat really really good food, skip school, and eat really really good food.

Please don't hate me for being a lazy blogger. I am slow and I always procrastinate. I am also just plain lazy. Here are the ways I've procrastinated blogging lately:

1. There's nothing good to write about.

2. I say, "I'm busy."

3. I say, "Later."

4. I say, "It's Sammy's turn."

Mom says I don't have to blog anymore if I don't want to. But I want to keep blogging because I think it's really cool when people that I don't even know give me positive comments about my writing. Also, my teacher, Mr. S., is looking at this blog, and I want to impress him. Hi Mr. S!

Just an update... I am now polishing a spoon.

The other day, Mom made challah. Yay! She doesn't make challah that often. The best part of her making challah is that she makes three loaves each time: one poppyseed (yuck! They get stuck in your teeth and then you look ugly), one plain (yum!), and one monkeybread. "What is monkeybread?" you ask. It's the most amazing bread in the world made with challah dough, tons of margarine, and Pinch of Herbs seasoning. But here's the bad news... they don't make Pinch of Herbs seasoning anymore, and Mom just used the last bit of it on this loaf of monkeybread. (Wah!) That's supposed to be a crying sound but Mom isn't very good at typing out sounds.

Empty container of Pinch of Herbs. :-(

Now it's Faith. Mom's on the phone with my great grandma. I gave up on polishing silverware. My fingers are prunes! To go off topic, online bullying is not cool! :) Well, yeah I think this pretty much sums it up. Happy New Year!

Sammy - next blog entry: Tell me what your Jewish New Year's Resolutions are.