Friday, February 15, 2013

Book Winners and a Couple Other Things

Thank you to everyone who told me about their random acts of kindness this month. The thing I realized was that I surround myself with very kind and giving people. People who make practicing kindness a normal part of their life so much so that they wouldn't even think to draw attention to it. So I say to all of you who are doing small things to make the world a better place, thank you!

And now, without further ado, here are the five people, chosen by my kids, who will be receiving free autographed copies of The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever. Drum roll please...

1. Ellen, who as she was shoveling snow, noticed a young girl walking all alone. Turns out the girl couldn't find her parents, and she didn't have a phone to contact them. Ellen called the parents and hung out with the girl until her father came to get her.

2. Sabrina and Kenny, who drove an elderly co-worker 90 minutes away to a mandatory class, waited the five hours while she was there, then drove her back home again.

3. Christine, who after getting her small paycheck, put a chunk of it, in cash, into an envelope and gave it anonymously to a friend who could really use the money.

4. Juliet, who runs a group at her children's school that practices random acts of kindness for parents in crisis.

5. Jeff, who bought lunch for a homeless woman who was asking for money in downtown Detroit.

And as for the couple other things...

1. Now that Valentine's Day is over, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of publicizing and promoting this book. The reception it's received from kids, adults, and reviewers has thrilled me to no end. I mean, New York Times? Really??!!

Most of being an author is slaving away at the computer, searching for the just-right word. Moments like these, where your book actually gets out there and read and enjoyed by strangers, should not be taken for granted. I am so grateful!

2. I've written another picture book. Hooray! I have no idea if anyone will publish it, but my agent loves it, so that's a good first step. Fingers crossed!