Monday, October 10, 2011

The Joy of Not Writing

I haven't been writing for three weeks now, and I don't plan on writing this week either. Four weeks of not-writing. And get this... not one ounce of guilt!

That's right. This time off of work isn't due to writer's block or procrastination. And it's not accompanied by that horrible feeling of I should be writing now. This time off is because I'm going to a Highlights Founders Whole Novel Workshop on Sunday, and we were all told to take a break from our manuscripts so we can see them more clearly at the workshop.

I suppose I could have worked on something else in the interim, but nah. I've worked so hard for the last year pushing through this first draft. I want this month off to not only help me gain some objectivity for my manuscript, but to also rejuvenate my spirit.

I've been reading a ton. And going through piles of stuff. And crossing things off my to-do list. When I finish writing this blog post, I'm going to clean out my dresser and closet. You know I'm caught up on life if I'm tackling that one!

And Sunday will begin my week in a cabin in the woods in rural Pennsylvania, working with Stephen Roxburgh and Carolyn Coman and seven other writers. A week totally devoted to revising my novel. I won't have to cook or clean or walk a dog or drive anyone anywhere or think about anything other than writing. That sounds downright amazing to me.