Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Handy Dandy Post-it

Well, Mom has begun a new job. She is now a walking, talking, Post-It advertisement. That's because she has Post-It notes all over our office door. As some of you may already know, with Julia's Kitchen, my mom used Post-Its to help her revise. She is now using the same process for Jemma Hartman. She uses one Post-It per scene. Then smaller colored Post-Its are added in that represent changes, deletions, notes, and anything else my mom wants to remember to edit.
I love how my friends can walk into the house, take one look at the office door, and say, "Oh, your mom is working on a new book." My friends think it's completely normal, but I think it's crazy. I mean, ya it's a good method of revising, but it looks hilarious.

In the actual printed out pages of Jemma my mom is color coded once again. She bought these cool highlighters I wouldn't mind having myself. Instead of a cap, they click open and shut like a pen. She has different colors representing where certain characters or situations are mentioned. Now her whole book looks like one big rainbow.
On another organizational note (no pun intended), Mom is getting organized everywhere in the house! Since dinner is always so hectic, Mom came up with the "What's For Dinner?" board. We each get a day of the week to decide what we want for dinner, and Mom makes it. Props to Mom for getting organized and being all around awesome!


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Highlighters that click? I'm getting a set for my yet-again-another-revision of my novel. I love when Brenda hits the just know that something amazing's going to come from it! As inspired as I am by Brenda's organization, I'm not sure my brain (or my non-existent office door) will do too well with post-its for this revision. I don't know if that's because I think differently, or because I like the post-it colors that are too dark to write on! But those that's an inspiration for my current plan!Thanks for the fun post, Faith!

Jenny said...

Not only is it useful, but pretty too. But do we get to see a picture of your dinner board? And what are you having tonight?

Would it work in my house if the only things my kids like to eat is noodles with butter?


Brenda Ferber said...

Sharpie makes the highlighters. You can get them at Office Max.

I don't think the board will work quite yet for your family! Although, we have a rule that you can't repeat a meal for two weeks. So maybe that would be a way for your kids to try new foods. You can give them suggestions. If they pick the meal, they might be more apt to eat it.

Funniest meal on the board so far...
Cheese quesadillas with a side of brussel sprouts. That was a Sammy choice!