Sunday, June 10, 2007

Printer's Row Book Fair

So yesterday, my family went to Printer's Row Book Fair in Chicago. Mom was speaking there. (She's on the left in the picture above.) She was on a panel with three other authors. I thought that I would be really bored sitting through all of the talking. I was surprised to find myself actually liking it. Lorijo Metz was hilarious. I loved listening to her speak. Did you know she wrote an e-mail to herself pretending to be a publisher accepting her picture book? Then she even replied to herself, too! Mom always gave really good and in depth answers to all of the questions. Gail Piernas-Davenport was a mix of Mom and Lorijo. Giving humorous but detailed answers. Deborah Ruddell was different than everyone else because her book was a collection of poems. She seemed really peaceful and down to earth.

One thing that amazed me about every single panelist and also Esther Hershenhorn, the moderator of the panel, was that they all seemed very happy and optimistic. Not one of them was negative about having to wait forever to have their book come out. They laughed about it and focused on the positive aspects instead. I thought the experience of listening to these first time authors was amazing because it really taught me to maximize the good in my life and minimize the bad. Great job to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Faith:
I loved hearing your perspective on the panel, and was so sorry I couldn't be there. I think we need to hire you to promote SCBWI! Your writing is a great advertisement!
Good job -
Carol Grannick

Micky said...

Faithy, I love hearing how you've been impacted by these cool experiences. You're so lucky to have a mom like yours who is such a fantastic expample. And your mom is even luckier to have a daughter like you who supports her the way you do.

Love you,
Aunt Micky

PS- Riley would like to go to the park with you again before you leave for CBK.

granny said...

Thanks for the report, Faith. I, too, was sorry that I couldn't make it to the Printer's Row event this year. It was nice to read your summary. And I will miss this blog when the happy campers are away - have a great time!

Ellen Reagan said...

I just got back from a long weekend away and was thrilled to read your report on the Printer Row book fair panel discussion. I so wanted to be there and your post almost made me feel that I was.
Thanks for such a detailed account!

Jenny said...

Hi Faith,
I'm another one of those people who wished they good be there! But thanks for giving us the feeling that we were. Great details!