Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cover Art!!!

I have a cover!! And not just any cover, but a beautiful cover that I love, love, love! My hat is off to the amazing artist, Greg Swearingen, and to all the folks at FSG who helped create such an inviting package. (There is even a map of Camp Star Lake at the beginning of the book!)

Authors have just about no say in their cover art, so when you end up with the cover of your dreams, it is really exciting!!! 

Some people have asked me who that girl is, but it's not a photograph of a real girl. I guess the best way to answer that question is to say, "It's Jemma."

I am now officially a Greg Swearingen fan. He captured Jemma's heart and soul in this illustration, and the setting is exactly right, too. 


Now I only have to wait until spring 2009 to see this beautiful baby in book stores!


Lisa Chellman said...

Awww, that's so sweet! Kids will totally want to grab it and read it!

Brenda Ferber said...

Thanks Lisa! That's exactly what I'm hoping!