Thursday, August 14, 2008


Have you ever been "dropped" by a group of friends? Have you ever done the "dropping"? I am doing research for my new novel, and I would love to interview by phone or e-mail girls or women who have experienced this unfortunate rite of passage. It doesn't matter if the "dropping" happened last week or fifty years ago. It's one of those incidents that is not easily forgotten. So please, if you or someone you know has a story to share, leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail at BrendaAFerber at


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. Sixth grade. One of my best friends, at whose home I often stayed overnight (so I was comfortable with her whole family), suddenly started giving me the cold shoulder at school. I must've been slow to catch on, because the Big Drop happened in the hall one day, when she was walking three abreast with two other friends (also friends of mine, I thought). I was behind them and hurried to catch up. So I was walking beside her and asked some question or other, and she stopped, gave clueless me a disgusted look, and said, "Oh, Jill. YOU don't even have a BOYfriend." She turned and walked away, and that was it. Our years of friendship were over.

In college, we became friends again, but not close. We went to different schools, anyway. She is one of the few elementary school friends who sends me Christmas cards every year, though.

Brenda Ferber said...

Heartbreaking. I hate that girls are so mean sometimes! But I do find it interesting that a lot of times the droppers and droppees end up becoming friends again later in life. Sometimes I run into the mean girls from my middle school and high school years, and I'm so happy to see that most of them are nice adults.

Thanks for sharing!