Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Feeling Silly

I am an honorary silly chick, and you can be one, too!

The Three Silly Chicks (a terrific blog by Andrea Beaty, Carolyn Crimi, and Julia Durango about funny picture books) has organized a drive for donations to Heifer International.

For only $20, this charity will give a family somewhere on this globe a flock of chicks. And then Each starter flock has from 10 to 50 chicks. One flock gives a family in a developing country a much needed source of food and income.

Did you know that chickens:

lay up to 200 eggs in a year.

require little space.

thrive on readily available food scraps.

control insects & fertilize gardens.
Can make an enormous difference in a family's life?

And you thought chicks were just cute and silly!

Please join The Silly Chicks in helping families from Cameroon to the Caribbean. Donate now and send a notification card to Three_Silly_Chicks@yahoo.com. Or send a copy of your receipt to Three_Silly_Chicks@yahoo.com as proof and they will name you an Honorary Silly Chick and give you a post on their website! (Note: The receipt does not contain any financial information!)


Micky said...

I've never seen such a beautiful photo. I'm so glad everyone thinks I look just like you!

Vodka Mom said...

love the pic! chicks? REAL CHICKS????

Brenda Ferber said...

Yep! Real live chicks!