Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Brag Time

Is it okay to brag for a minute about my son Sammy?
I promise, it will just take a minute.
But man, that boy can write!

He just completed a first draft of a 150-page fantasy novel. And he is 12-years-old.
Here's a little excerpt...

"We have a very interesting assembly planned for you today, kids," began the principal of New Longance Elementary School. "These people volunteered to teach you about the dangers of alcohol and dr--"

He was interrupted by a faint rumbling noise. Thinking it was only thunder, he continued. He had barely finished his sentence when another rumbling noise echoed through the big auditorium, this time louder. Some of his students were starting to notice, looking around to ask their friends if they heard it too.

For a brief moment, the principal thought of the infamous Rock Man. He was more a legend than fact, knowledge of his sightings being spread through rumors on street corners. But one thing was for sure; a lot of people had died in the past couple of weeks in this small town.

The whole manuscript is filled with humor, tension, action, emotion and a character arc with true depth. I'm sort of flabbergasted. And oh so proud!

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Micky said...

Wow, wow, wow! I cannot believe that he writes that well at 12. Imagine what he'll write at 20!