Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Dream...

I admit it... I dream of winning a Newbery! I also dream of having a NYT best seller, winning a National Book Award, having a shelf of books written by me, and being a household name.

In the meantime, I'm anxiously awaiting reviews of JEMMA HARTMAN, CAMPER EXTRAORDINAIRE (coming out in about two more months!) and trying my hardest to write my next novel and to make it better than my first two. Because the truth is, awards are out of my control, but improving my craft is something I can do.

Thanks to Lisa Chellman for the news about this video. And a Happy Birthday shout out to my niece Riley and author extraordinaire Judy Blume!


Micky said...

Thanks Aunt Bren!! And I can totally envision the "Brenda Ferber" section in Barnes and Noble.

Anonymous said...

I sobbed like a baby watching this...not nice to do to someone, Brenda! :) Thanks for sharing!