Monday, June 01, 2009

Two Published Authors for the Price of One!

I'm not very comfortable with envy.

I don't envy other people because I really like being me. And I absolutely hate being the object of envy. So what am I to do when I hear envious whispers about my critique group? Our group of four authors is pretty darn fantastic, and I feel lucky and blessed to be part of this group. But we are closed to new members, which means a lot of terrific authors are outside looking in. Truth is, I wish everyone could find a critique group like ours... and now they can!

The lovely and talented Jenny Meyerhoff and I have joined forces to offer a six-week children's book writing workshop through the North Shore Writers Studio. This workshop will be run just the way we run our critique group. Writers will get the same constructive criticism and support we give each other. I believe a critique group format with input from established authors is the best way to improve your manuscript and learn about the craft of writing. Plus it's a perfect opportunity to meet future critique partners. So forget about envy, and join us this summer!

Here are the specifics:
Date: Tuesdays, June 30-August 4
Time: 6:30-9:30 pm
Place: 1778 Second St., Suite 202, Highland Park, IL (right above Corner Bakery)
Tuition: $240

For more information or to register, visit Or e-mail

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