Friday, February 19, 2010

What do Jemma Hartman and Beyonce Knowles Have in Common?

Meet Moriah!

Moriah is the latest winner in the Jemma Hartman Lookalike Contest!

Don't you love how she's wearing a life vest and a Jemma barrette? All she needs is a sailboat (which I can't provide). But I will provide her with an autographed copy of my book and some Jemma swag. If you know someone who looks like Jemma, tell them to send me a photo if they want one, too!

And now, for big smiles all around, here are the prior winners of the Jemma Lookalike Contest:



 And Eva:

Just for kicks, I went on to see who Jemma's celebrity lookalike would be. Who knew Jemma had the same beautiful eyes and smile as Beyonce?? Check it out:

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