Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Book Club Extraordinaire!

Tonight I went to a mother-daughter book club to talk about Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire. Is there anything sweeter than moms and daughters sharing books together? I think not. What a wonderful way to foster a love of reading and bond with your daughter!

One mom and daughter baked this cookie cake with all things Jemma.

We had such a rich discussion. The girls and moms had the most interesting questions and comments, but the highlight of the night came for me when two of the girls acted out a scene from the novel. It was a scene I had struggled with getting just right, and seeing them act it out made all my millions of drafts totally worth the effort.
Thanks girls!


Lori Degman said...

Sounds like a great night and how sweet of them to surprise you with the Jemma cookie and scene performance!

Brenda Ferber said...

It really was a wonderful surprise. It gave me such goosebumps!