Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad Boys

I am horribly attracted to bad boys... fictional bad boys that is.

I think it started with Tony Soprano. Despite the beer belly and his womanizing and murderous ways, I was inexplicably attracted to him.

Then there was Eric Bana's character in Munich. Did you see that movie? Yes, Eric is amazing to look at, but he plays an assassin who gets a little out of control. Hmmm...

My newest bad boy crush is none other than Don Draper from Mad Men.

Not only does he look like Jeff Probst (my Survivor good boy crush),

but he is a philanderer, a liar, and (on the positive side) something of a creative genius.

In real life, I am very much attracted to good guys. One good guy, to be precise.

(My husband Alan. Just as cute and sexy as my bad boy crushes, but a good man through and through!)

Truth is, bad boys are not very interested in me. I don't think they're looking for someone who loves to read and write children's literature, who has a healthy self image and an optimistic outlook on life. I am way too boring for them. And way too averse to real life drama.

But fiction is a safe place to explore all kinds of drama. Which brings me to my current work-in-progress. I've started something new, and although it's way too soon to talk about it, I will say that my main character is most definitely attracted to bad boys in her real life. There's a part of me that admires her courage to play with fire. I was never so daring. But a bigger part of me is sad for her. You have to be wounded to want to be treated that way. Those bad boys are wounded, too. Maybe that's part of the attraction.

Do you have a bad boy crush? Did you ever date a bad boy? Let me know in the comments.


Kathryne B Alfred said...

I've never really dated a "Bad Boy," but I had a string of "Tortured Souls." Close enough?

Unlike "Bad Boys," "Tortured Souls" are all about optimistic kid-lit types. They like a girl who will make them look even more tortured by comparison!

Micky said...

I don't know about Bad Boys but I've always had a thing for older men. Not so much anymore since older men are actually old men now! Do you think this means I have father issues?

Brenda Ferber said...

Kathryne, are tortured souls kind of like martyrs? The "whoa is me" type? I have very little patience for that. In fact, I have very little patience for most hang-ups. Perhaps that is why I'm sometimes accused of being insensitive. Must work on that.

Brenda Ferber said...

Micky, you can't have father issues because you have an awesome father.