Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Big Idea

I seriously love my job. Love it! I don't care about all the yucky parts of being an author right now. All I care about is that my mind has been exploding with imagination lately. On Sunday as I was driving home from Michigan, a question popped into my head. It was a big question, prompted from playing "Would You Rather" with my kids as well as thoughts about my good friend who is about to undergo a bone marrow transplant. I can't tell you what the question was, but I promise you it was a Big Question. I immediately began pondering the answer to the question, and I discovered the answer sounded a lot like a book. A book that hasn't yet been written. A book that I want to write. That I need to write.

I floated my question and a bit of my answer to my husband and sons, and they were fascinated. You must understand that my husband and sons are not the least bit fascinated by the stories I normally ponder. And I don't blame them. How many males do you know who care about coming-of-age stories for girls?? But this story caught their imagination. And for the last few days I've been working out the details and discussing some of the problems with them, and instead of losing steam as the story unfolds, instead of coming up against a big Oh-That-Won't-Work or That's-So-Stupid moment, the story is getting bigger and better and more complicated in a really exciting way.

I feel so energized by this idea right now that I can imagine locking myself in a room for the next month and writing the whole book. It feels like it will flow right out of me. I have no idea how long this positive energetic feeling will last. But for now, I seriously love my job!

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