Monday, October 08, 2007

Extreme Errand Running-To Be Seen In Beijing 2008

I just had to write about this when Mom told me this story. It's hilarious! When someone says,"I think I tore a muscle running errands" you just have to investigate.

Mom says she was lifting up a really heavy box of wine and just happened to pull a muscle in her leg.

How is that possible???

So of course we had to make up a new sport for the Olympics. It's called Extreme Errand Running. Only the best parents can compete as it is very dangerous. I love picturing moms running up and down aisles at the grocery store sweating their butts off or dads unloading the car as fast as possible.

If you could make up a race in Extreme Errand Running, what would it be? Don't forget to cheer on America as they fight for a gold in this intense activity! Haha.

By the way, a gold medal is given to Aunt Micky for the most blog comments! :) Yay! Hurrah! This has been Faith Ferber, Blogging For Mom News, Deerfield, Illinois.


TracyGrand said...

Faith & Sammy,
Your mom told me about your blog at the KidLit conference and I had to check it out. You both have inspired me to get my own kids to blog. Keep up the great work. Tracy

Jenny said...

Hey, Faith. I'd have a drive through race. First you drive through the bank and deposit a check, then you drive through the pharmacy and pick up some medicine, then you drive through the fast food restaurant and get your kids some dinner. You have to do three laps.

Jenny said...

Oh! And I hope your mom's leg is okay! Yikes.

Micky said...

A gold medal!!! What an honor!

Btw- Faith and her other, non-blogging brother, Jacob did a fantastic job at their rehearsal for their bnai mitzvah tonight. I'm so proud of them already!

Brenda Ferber said...

Hi! I'm popping up to say my leg is fine, and I'm ready for the last challenges of the B'nai Mitzvah Decathalon.

Here are the events I've already completed:

1. Doctor Obstacle Course: Take care of son's broken arm, other son's broken foot, and daughter's mysterious arm tremor all while maintaining cool.

2. Fashion Marathon: Outfit everyone for Friday night dinner, Saturday morning service, and Saturday night party. Extra points for shoes and accessories. Gold medal for not freaking out when one week before event husband asks, "What is Sammy wearing to the service?" and realizing you have totally forgotten to take care of that.

3. Kosher Relay: Manage to accommodate all your religious relatives even after finding out the Kosher caterer you hired is not Kosher enough.

4. Extreme Nagging: Remind son and daughter to practice their Torah portion. Practice their Haftarah. Practice their blessings. Write their D'var Torah. Repeat instructions until your kids don't hear you anymore.

5. Lice Patrol: Check children's heads daily after lice is reported at their school. Hold breath and thank G-d every time you realize there are no critters there. Cancel all hat giveaways for the party.

6. Table Dancing: Decide who will sit with whom, taking into account which relatives won't talk to each other. Extra points for dealing with last minute cancellations.

I know there's still tons to come, like the photo shoot, writing a toast, and all the events of the weekend. But I'm just going to relax and enjoy. I'm so proud of Jacob and Faith!!