Sunday, April 04, 2010

Five Random Things on a Sunday

1. I'm reading Anne of Green Gables. Somehow I missed this book as a child. And when it wound up as #9 in Betsy Bird's Top One Hundred Children's Book Poll, I decided I had better give it a go. So far I am loving it. But I can't help laughing every time the author says "ejaculated" instead of "exclaimed."

2. Last night I picked up Alan and Sammy from the airport after they enjoyed three jam-packed days in New York City. Alan and I have taken each of our kids on one-on-one vacations over the years. When you have three kids in a nineteen month span, you have to do what you can to give them individual attention, and these trips are always so special. They went to The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square, and Central Park, and they saw The Colbert Report, West Side Story, and Avenue Q! I am happy for them, but I am also quite a bit jealous!

3. What did I do over my spring break? Well, I didn't go to NYC. I took care of my other son, Jacob, after he got all four wisdom teeth removed. I have to say, Jake was a great patient, and he's back to eating almost normally. The best thing about staying home doing a bunch of nothing was watching The Food Network with Jake. Who knew there were that many awesome cooking shows?

4. Today was so beautiful (74 degrees and sunny) that I spent some time swinging in a hammock in my backyard, just being grateful.

5. Tomorrow at critique group, we are discussing my new novel in its entirety. I asked for a brutally harsh critique. I told these writer friends of mine I could take it. That seemed smart and brave a month ago. But now I'm getting nervous. I hope they aren't that brutal. I hope they aren't that harsh!

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