Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Mother's Day Wish

My birthday comes just two weeks before Mother's Day, so it makes it kind of tough for my husband and kids to come up with thoughtful ways to make these days special for me. In past years, I've told them I want the day off on Mother's Day. I don't want to walk the dog or clean anything or do any laundry or shop for any groceries or cook anything. I pretty much just want to read and write and relax and feel appreciated. And my wonderful kids and husband usually come through.

But there's a problem.

It's true that I get the day off, and it's true that they take care of the little things, like cleaning up after breakfast and walking the dog. But the other tasks? The laundry and grocery shopping and meal planning and stuff? I don't do it, and neither do they. So the day after Mother's Day becomes a great big catch-up day for me.

Who wants that?

So this year, I've told my sweet husband what I want for Mother's Day. It's not a new dress or a dozen roses or a sparkly necklace. (Though you wouldn't see me complain about any of those things.) What I really and truly wish is for my family to plan what we'll be eating for dinner every night this week. Then they'll all go to the grocery story and buy everything we'll need for all the meals, including side dishes. They'll make sure we have food for breakfast and lunch, too. Then they'll put all the groceries away and even fold the grocery bags and store them properly.

That would seriously be the best Mother's Day present ever. What about you? What do you wish for Mother's Day?

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