Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The First Entry

So this is the very first entry. TA DA! For those of you who don't already know, my mom is Brenda A. Ferber. She's the author of Julia's Kitchen (published in 2006) and Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinare (going to be published in March 2009.) I'm sooooooo insanely proud of her. I think it's so cool that I can say my mom is an award winning author. I brag to all of my friends about it. Most of my friends thnk it's really cool, but sometimes my friends say, "Ya Faith. You tell us about your mom and her books every single day. Shut up already!" Ah the love. My friend Z is one of my mom's biggest fans. She did like 3 projects on Julia's Kitchen and is obsessed with my mom. Sometimes I think my mom can be really weird about the characters in her book. I'm sorry. Did I say really weird? I meant reallllllllly weird. Like "come home to your mom crying on the couch because two of the characters in her story got into a fight" weird. Ya no joke. But you gotta love her! So I think that's about enough to start out with. Keep checking back for more posts!



Sallie Wolf said...

Hi, Faith, Sammy. I love the idea that you are blogging for your mom. I have a blog called "the little horse" and it's a continuing story illustrated with pictures I take of the little horse--a toy from my childhood--on our travels. My son Pete went to Israel and while he was on a side trip to Jordan he took pictures of a little horse he bought there. So now my little horse has a penpal! Having my kid participate in my blog/story is the greatest thing. I'm sure your mom is is bursting with pride and love that you care about her writing career and show it by really supporting her. Best of luck and I'll be checking in regularly.

Sallie Wolf

Mindy Borovsky said...

Hay faith! I think that it is really cool that you have a blog about your mom. Do you think you have any scoop on her next book? I am DYING to read her book. I love the book Julias Kitchen. It was amazing. Keep me posted!