Monday, April 16, 2007

Who's embarrassed now?

A lot of people have been asking, "Does your mom ever mention things in her books that embarrass you?" Well usually she doesn't, but sometimes when I read her drafts I'll say, "Ya nice try Mom. There's no way you're putting that in your book!"

If only she put some of HER embarrassing characteristics in her stories. I mean, if she ever wrote about a mom who does really weird dances randomly throughout the story, tries to use "hip" language, and tries to be "in" with the new styles, that would be a good story. Hmm... maybe I will have to write that. But I love my mom's weirdness. Sometimes it's like, "Seriously Mom. It's gotta go." But sometimes I just laugh and copy her. Some of the time she doesn't even notice when she does her odd little dances or sings painfully out of tune. She just does it.

Another weird fact about my mom is that she sings random phrases. If this were a screenplay, our mornings would go like this:
Faith: Hey Mom, can I have some Fruit Loops and apple juice to drink?

Yes, strange, but annoying, no. You gotta love it! So maybe one day she will write a book with a quirky mom, but for now you get to hear it from me.

Before I forget, some other people have been asking if Sammy or I want to be authors ourselves someday. I do enjoy writing but don't do it often because I can never think of good story ideas. Although, last year, I entered the Young Authors competition through my school and won. Sammy tries writing stories for Young Authors but he either A) Starts like 4000 different beginnings of stories and never finishes them or B) Doesn't finish a story because it's 15 pages long and it's supposed to be 5. But I have to give him props considering he writes amazingly in school and some of the best poems I have ever read. YAY SAMMY! I LOVE YOU!

Ok, that ends on a positive note. Thanks everyone for leaving such nice emails and comments!

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granny said...

Oh hooray! I just figured out how to get back on blogger.

Thanks for the laugh, Faith. :) I was very entertained by today's post. And congratulations on grabbing the attention of one very well-known blogger yesterday! I read all about you at - that's great publicity! I hope you get lots of new visitors. And as for writing process - I can totally relate to Sammy. I would like to write a book of only first chapters. I LOVE writing the first chapter!