Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

You know that overwhelming feeling you get when you arrive home from a vacation and you think about all the stuff you have to catch up on? Well, joy of joys! I don't have that feeling at all. Alan and I just got back from a fantastic week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and here's the fun part... our kids are away at summer camp for the next five weeks, so the "vacation" continues!

Wondering what there is to do in Jackson Hole?

Well, you can meet a moose:

You can hike up into the Grand Tetons and play in the snow:

You can drive to Yellowstone and see Old Faithful and other cool geysers:

You can be take in gorgeous sites like this one of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Park:

And this one of the Grand Tetons:

You can even pretend to be a cowgirl and buy the right hat:

You can't really get away with wearing a cowboy hat in Deerfield, Illinois. But one of my critique partners, Carol Grannick, is writing a fabulous novel called Cowgirl. And when she sells it and has a launch party, I'll have just the thing to wear!

Off to write!


Anonymous said...
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Jenny Meyerhoff said...

Fantastic hat!
I'll see you at that party. :)