Thursday, May 08, 2008

Doggie Decisions

I'm going to get a mini whoodle!! We've chosen a breeder, and now we just have to wait. This feels like I'm going through infertility again... but without the stress and anxiety. I should know in the next month whether or not Jordan (the mommy dog - I don't think I can say the b-word on my blog!) is pregnant. 

Here's a picture of Jordan:

Doesn't she kind of look like a small polar bear?

And here's Oliver, the dad:

Not so manly, but super cute! Barbara, the breeder, says he has the best disposition.

And here's what one of their puppies looks like at around 3 months old:

Have you ever seen anything cuter in your life?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little puppy. What an exciting time for you and your kids.
Dogs give us so much unconditional love... can't imagine my life without

Brenda Ferber said...

Thanks Deb. I'm so looking forward to this experience!

Anonymous said...

Miniwhoodle is the way to go. We got our little Scruffy from Barb Jacobs at from part of the same litter born in Jan '08. He has the best disposition, smarter than a fifth grader, and cute as a button. He is now 4 mos old, completely potty trained, rings a bell to go out, weighs about 8.5 lbs, plays all day or sleeps all day, whatever you want him to do, sits, shakes left and right paws, lay down, comes (sometimes) when you call, swims and plays in the water. He even eats all the bugs on the back porch around the pool.

The only downside so far is that he digs like a gopher in the backyard and chews on the baseboard, he'll basically chew anything to pieces you put in front of him. I could almost get rid of the paper shredder in the office with him around. These are very minor and completely trainable compared to love and affection he brings. Another downside is that we didn't get two of these from Barb and plan to get one from the next litter when available.

You will not be disappointed. I would also recommend the mini over the regular if you like cats. The mini is almost like a large cat and gives all the snuggling and cuddling of a cat as well. I think a larger dog would be hard to cuddle and snuggle with as we can do with Scruffy. Scruffy will sleep in the bed with you and stay put all night long if you want him too. We do both, he sleeps in a crate or in bed with us and loves both.

This is the best dog I have ever owned or been around for that matter and as a mini he will always stay relatively small but not like a rat dog, get one ASAP.

PS: I was going to post some pics but can't figure out how, sorry. Go to and maybe Barb will post them, just ask to see Scruffy.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your choice of an excellent breeder and adorable puppy. We also got a mini whoodle from Barb Jacobs at Old Mcdoodle Farm from her Jan '08 litter. He is Cedar on her web site (now called Ozzy) He is the smartest little dog! We just love him. I was going to tell you all about him, but the owners of Scruffy that commented to you said it all. I also have pics, but don't know how to send them! Would love to share them with you. Barb and her husband Lenny are the greatest!

Brenda Ferber said...

To Scruffy and Ozzy's owners... Thanks so much for commenting here. I am so excited to get a puppy from Barb! I've only heard fabulous things about these cute dogs.

Gina Relva said...

I'm considering a pup from Barb's upcoming mini whoodle litter in Spring '09. I'm curious about how much a year-old mini weighs. It looks like it has been about a year from the time the pups that were discussed on this blog were born. Anyone have photos or stats on their year-old mini whoodle from Oldmcdoodlefarm available to share? Gina in San Francisco

Daniel said...

gina, my whoodle weighs 18 pounds. i'll forward some photos.


Daniel said...


i sent 5 pictures to your email. let me know if you got em'.

i remember you from uc berkeley. literature through milton?

dan kennedy