Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Doggie Developments

(standard whoodle)
So now I think we're going to get a standard whoodle instead of the mini. But it all still depends on me meeting a whoodle and falling for her. That won't happen until June when we can get to the breeder. Then we may have to wait a long time for an available puppy. For now, I'm reading tons of books about dogs. I feel like I'm pregnant again. Today the kids and I started thinking about names. Jacob wants to name the dog Slagathor. Any Scrubs fans out there? You would get the reference. Sammy, Faith, and I are thinking about Lola. Or maybe Angel. Or Honey. Or Sugar. But today Lola is the front runner. I suppose we won't really be able to pick a name until we pick a puppy! Any suggestions for a shaggy cutie pie?


Micky said...

I'm not sure who will be happier about you getting a dog- you or Riley. Lola is a great name. I always prefer people names for dogs over the "angel, sugar" variety.

Finally! A doggie in the family!!!
I'm so excited for you (okay, I know you don't have the dog yet but I'm pre-excited :-)

Brenda Ferber said...

I'm so excited too! Yippee!!!